Madrigals and Mechanicals

Posted on Dec 15, 2011 at 10:00am by Bill Kilgour

The madrigals: we whistle while work. The aging mechanicals: we love and appreciate while we innovate.

In the front display window we are now showing a 24/7 video showcasing info about the Christian Science Organization and Concord House. We are making new DVD videos each month which can be rotated. Most of the design and installation was done by our skillful alum, Gordon Myers.

And we are in hot water again -- our slow leaking water heater has now been replaced by a high-efficiency 70 gallon model (a Madison-made Bock unit). We share a garage door with Lutheran Memorial Church, and we also shared the cost of replacing the 30-year old operating controls.

Our community room is comfy, but the oldest feature was the TV set. By popular demand (and generous donors) we now have a HD flat screen television for residents and guests. Evenings are planned for documentaries and movies.

So, although new in 1979, even the best of building design and materials now require more care and repair. Carpets, windows, lighting, roofing, heating systems,  and weathered signs challenge our budget. But several grants and your continued donations help us keep things running and ship-shape. For instance, a recent grant application has funded a colorful new sign to identify Christian Science on campus and welcome visitors. Come take a look, and a tour! And thank you for your support.

Bill Kilgour
SCF Board Member
Bob Ayres
Concord House Manager
Tom Hermann
Former SCF Board Member, Concord House Alumnus

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