What’s new with Concord?

Posted on Dec 15, 2011 at 10:30am by Marty Evanson

The Christian Science Student Center, located in the heart of the UW campus, continues to spin off many spiritual blessings. All of our spring semester residents who graduated secured great jobs. One graduate student resident that is continuing with us was joined by two new students for the fall semester.

In July we welcomed Bob Ayres as our new House Manager. Bob is a very competent person who in his short time here has overseen several building and equipment improvements and kept up to date with all the regular duties of the position.

Six students have Swope educational loan accounts. We seek additional applicants attending UW System schools to inquire about these available resources.

The annual meeting of our organization was held on November 12. Following a short business meeting, the attendees heard from a panel of practitioners which included Caryl Farkas, Craig Ghislin, and Kim Korinek. They spoke to the theme of "Are we a church of patients or healers?" The individual and collective comments and illustrations they shared inspired us in many ways. Questions were posed by the audience and posted in advance through our website.

We welcome your heightened interest in our facility, programs and website. The blessings of our highly talented Board of Directors, well timed donations, active residents and Christian Science Organization participants have made for a successful year.

We invite you to participate in our lively programs. There may be a special place for you on our newly enlarged Board. Thank you for your support!

Marty Evanson
SCF Chairman

Acrylic Painting by Ginger Mack
Acrylic Painting by Ginger Mack

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